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A complete end-to-end
technology solution for
commercial shrimp production

Bringing fresh, tasty, healthy, antibiotic & chemical-free shrimp to the market

ECOshrimp’s unique solution enables successful, intensive land-based production of shrimp. Based on AquaMaof’s proven Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) technology, it is sustainable, cost effective and flexible.

About Us

ECOshrimp's sustainable & economical
shrimp RAS solution

Stable and repeatable, for year-round productivity
Close to market with remote monitoring services
Optimal use of resources, low environmental footprint
Bio-Security Control
Healthy and tasty end-product

ECOshrimp Technology

ECOshrimp’s innovative technology is based on an advanced water circulation system that enables recycling of water with minimum liquid discharge (MLD). This ensures that a high water quality is maintained, and creates an ideal growing environment for shrimp.

Other reliable and proven technologies incorporated into ECOshrimp production facilities include industrial production tanks, feeding system, control system, harvesting system, waste water treatment and more.

Customizable to accommodate local infrastructure and specific operator needs, production facilities are modular and suited to annual production levels from 100 ton and up.

1000 Ton per year production facility

1 2 3 4 5

Modular System

The system is modular and currently applicable for the production of 100 – 300 tons per year. The design is based on a 33 t/y production module that can be multiplied by 3-9 modules according to the desired scale of production

33 t/y production module (illustration)

ECOshrimp Technology - Key benefits

Minimal maintenance
The use of components without moving parts reduces maintenance costs and minimizes the risk of system failures.

Energy saving
Isolated construction and efficient design of the water circulation system reduce the amount of energy required to run the facility.

The technology on which the solution is based can be adapted to accommodate different annual production capacities.

In the course of four years of intensive research, ECOshrimp accumulated an unprecedented amount of data, and developed unique culture methodologies, including:

Nutrition protocols
Feed that meets the specific nutritional needs of shrimp grown using RAS, with a low feed conversion ratio (FCR) achieved through optimized feeding modes and an advanced feeding management system.

Growth protocol
Achieving high growth and survival rates, despite high density of shrimp.

has 10 times greater yield than traditional outdoor farming*


ECOshrimp’s unique land-based production capabilities offer advanced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions for today's needs.

About Us

In 2016, ECOshrimp, a subsidiary of AquaMaof, opened a shrimp R&D center in southern Israel, with the aim of developing technology that would enable the intensive land based commercial production of shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei).
During these years, ECOshrimp successfully adapted AquaMaof’s proven RAS technology for shrimp production.

Dive deeper into our story by visiting the AquaMaof website >>

The Team

A multidisciplinary team of aquaculture experts, most from fish farming families, all lovers of the ocean and passionate about the creatures that live in it.

Ami Erel
Active Chairman, CEO
Dr. Eran Hadas
Yoav Dagan
VP Business Development
Oren Lieder
Shelly Lotan
VP Marketing & Sales
Sagie Livne
System Design
Elad Dinar, PhD.
Water treatment and project management
Ehud Feintuch
Head of engineering
Ariel Falk
Head of operations and data analytics
Shahar Genzer
Head of Finance

Let’s Talk

Questions about ECOshrimp’s technology, projects, investments, or anything else?
Just contact our team.

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    Let’s Talk

    Questions about ECOshrimp’s technology, projects, investments, or anything else? Just contact our team.

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